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What is a Life Experience Portfolio?


May 6, 2022

The Life Experience Assessment Program (LEAP) is designed to apply college credits to the Degree Program of the student’s choice. This affords the student to be credited with what they have already learned. In addition, students who qualify for LEAP may be able to reduce their course load by as much as 30%.

LEAP is designed to bestow college-level credits to individuals who submit valid and verifiable information on their resume to be accredited towards their Degree Program. Prior learning, work/ministry/military experience, seminars attended, books read and professional licenses, certificates, and diplomas are evaluated for credit. LEAP also allows a student to have up to 30 credits awarded towards their Degree Program.

In order to qualify for the LEAP Program, the student must present verifiable proof of the following:

1. All previous credits earned (must submit official transcripts).

2. All previously earned Certificates, Diplomas, and/or Degrees (photocopies of originals).

3. A complete Professional/Theological/Ministerial Resume.

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