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Florida Bible, Counseling, Organizational Leadership, and Theological studies.

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As a center for higher learning, Florida Bible University fosters an academic climate of scholarship and learning for its faculty and students alike. Through excellent teaching practices and the example of its own scholarship, the faculty challenges students to expand their career options and supports them in their intellectual endeavors. A broad-based course of study allows students to think critically about the natural world and human culture. Acknowledging the need to prepare health care workers for an array of careers, the school insists on the highest standards for all its students. Through their years at the university, students acquire the depth and breadth of knowledge, competence in skills, the ability to think clearly about problems, and a capacity to communicate with precision and style. 

As a Christian University, FBU cultivates a devoted community of intellectual pursuit, prayer, and social action. The university creates an open forum in which students freely and critically study the rich heritage of the Christian tradition, raising questions as necessary to develop a mature religious life. Florida Bible University nurtures awareness and compassion for a troubled world and challenges students to promote human dignity throughout their lives. In preparing for the roles of leadership and action, the school pays particular attention to the rights and responsibilities of people in the worlds of work, church, community, and family. 

Dedicated to the personal and social growth of its students, FBU cultivates a community life, which responds to the needs of students and cherishes their talents. In order to offer the richest educational experience possible, FBU strives to bring together people of different nations, cultures, and races. FBU initiates students into the habits of civic responsibility. Engaging in all aspects of the school experience, students acquire the hallmarks of a well-educated person, keen self-knowledge, lively imagination, lifelong intellectual and cultural interest, and the ability to make socially responsible choices about the future.


Students of Florida Bible University may choose academic advancement from two colleges: SCL College of Nursing, Sean Claire Lily University & Seminary, and the other newly established College of Liberal Studies affiliations.