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Florida Bible University

Florida Bible, Counseling, Organizational Leadership, and Theological studies.


Each individual accepted into the FBU Ministry Preparation Program will be enrolled as a student under FBU’s normal application qualifications and procedures. Students will be required to purchase textbooks for each class. These books will not only serve to enhance the learning experience for each course but will become a valuable personal library resource for future ministry. Your syllabus will explain what is required in terms of exams, quizzes, class projects, or term papers. Take note of the course requirements presented in each syllabus.



The Life Experience Assessment Program (LEAP) is designed to apply college credits to the Degree Program of the student’s choice. This affords the student to be credited with what they have already learned. In addition, students who qualify for LEAP may be able to reduce their course load by as much as 30%.

LEAP is designed to bestow college-level credits to individuals who submit valid and verifiable information on their resume to be accredited towards their Degree Program. Prior learning, work/ministry/military experience, seminars attended, books read and professional licenses, certificates, and diplomas are evaluated for credit. LEAP also allows a student to have up to 30 credits awarded towards their Degree Program.

In order to qualify for the LEAP Program, the student must present verifiable proof of the following:

  1. All previous credit earned (must submit official transcripts).
  2. Certificates, Diplomas, and/or Degrees (photocopies of originals).
  3. A complete Professional/Theological/Min
  4. Listing of books read courses, and seminars attended (credit or non-credit).

*If the student has published theological works, the student must present copies of all such works to the LEAP Review Committee.

The applicant must complete a Portfolio Assessment Evaluation which is required to review and calculate the total credits to be awarded for prior learning and professional credits earned. The cost of the Portfolio Assessment is $700.00. This Assessment Fee must be paid in full at the time of application/enrollment and is non-refundable.

There will be a $71.00 assessment fee applied towards every Life Experience credit awarded towards your degree program.

In addition to completing the Portfolio Assessment Evaluation, the student must also complete a 400-question Bible knowledge exam. This is a College-Level Examination. This rigorous program allows students from a wide range of ages and backgrounds to demonstrate their mastery of introductory college-level material and earn college credit. Students can earn credit for what they already know by getting a qualifying score upon completing this examination.

How to Apply:

Complete and submit the SCL LEAP application. There is a one-time non-refundable $700.00 Portfolio Assessment fee that is due and must be made payable upon submission of your LEAP Application.

Your application will not be reviewed if payment has not been received for the Portfolio Assessment. You may mail your completed LEAP Application to the FBU address along with the required fee in the amount of $700.00.

If you qualify for the LEAP Program you will also be required to pass the 400 questions FBU Bible Knowledge Equivalency Exam. There is a $410.00 fee for taking this exam.

You will be eligible for the LEAP Program after you have done the following:

Submit your completed LEAP Application along with the required documents to complete your Portfolio Assessment.

Receive a passing score of no less than 70% on the Bible Knowledge Equivalency Exam.

Be sure to follow the following instructions carefully before submitting your LEAP Application. Failure to submit accurate information will be grounds for the rejection of your application.

The “Dissertation Only” LEAP Program does not apply to the Ph.D. in Clinical Christian Counseling or the Ph.D. in Clinical Pastoral Counseling. The Ph.D. in Clinical Christian Counseling and the Clinical Pastoral Counseling Degree Program (Ph.D.) is designed to give the student an advanced background in Christian Counseling and incorporate the programs which will allow for National Christian Counseling Association (NCCA) certification or licensure. The program is 72 semester hours in length. The purchase of books is required for the Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Christian Counseling and the Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Pastoral Counseling.

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