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We are home to a dynamic group of Community Leaders working together to provide a compassionate response to the current needs of society. We’ve gone beyond a traditional education to challenge our students to embrace faith, science, race relations, and diversity.

“Florida Bible University focus on expanding education access to all denominations. That means a missionary in Japan may find himself engaged in biblical discussions with a Lead Pastor in Minnesota. They can be joined by a Sunday School Teacher in the Dominican Republic and a youth pastor in Ghana. It is a world of knowledge exchange facilitated in one classroom at Sean Claire Lily. No matter where you are in the world, we can help you to either obtain your biblical training or complete a degree that you haven’t had a chance to finish.

Our faith and this scholarship diversity is our strength, it is what will carry Florida Bible University  into its next 100 years.”  

Dr. E. Nathan


The Ministry Preparation Program (MPP) exists to prepare men and women for ministry in the local Church through a series of courses that earn three semester hours of credit each. All work completed will be placed on an official FBU transcript.

Each individual accepted into the FBU Ministry Preparation Program will be enrolled as a student under FBU normal application qualifications and procedures. A Certificate of Completion will be given to those who successfully complete all 10 courses.

Students will be required to purchase textbooks for each class. These books will not only serve to enhance the learning for each course but will become a valuable personal library resource for future ministry. Your syllabus will explain what is required in terms of exams, quizzes, class projects, or term papers. Take note of the course requirements presented in each syllabus.

Classes will typically require 10 to 15 hours a week of study for four to six weeks. APPLY to start your enrollment!

Scholarships and Grants

  1. Transfer students enjoy a 25% scholarship when enrolling in a degree program.
  2. 96% of students received scholarships toward financing a degree at SCLU.
  3. Students can transfer up to 75% of previously earned college credits.

*Work-study programs are also available.